Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ingin Membeli Buku "A Priceless Princess"?

Ingin Membeli Buku "A Priceless Princess"? Anda boleh hubungi (sms 019-6745742) atau pm di

"Muslim daughters face unique developmental challenges that need to be understood by parents effectively to help their girls get the best out of Islamic teaching. A Priceless Princess provides parents with Islamic content delivered in an easy-to-read style. Some subjects are difficult to approach but  Nasiroh’s sensible, light-hearted advice will strike a chord with many mothers. A gorgeous little paperback which will appeal to mothers and daughters alike! - Greenbirdbooks, UK."

"This book disappeared upstairs, with my mother-in-law, the day after it arrived. A week later, I saw that she was still reviewing it, enjoying each of its short but profound 'love notes'. She, my mother-in-law, subsequently asked me to order it for two of her daughters. If this is not endorsement enough, I also thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a quick, but potent read and is the kind of book that one could keep in a glove box or a handbag for constant referencing. - a review by  Umm Muhemmed, USA "

Satu impian seorang ibu Muslim untuk dikongsi bersama.... mudah-mudahan ia bernilai di sisi Allah dan di sisi manusia - penulis.

Terima kasih.

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